Easy first tattoo choices

5 Options For First Time Ink

Ever wanted a tattoo but didn't want to "go all out". Now days guys and girls are getting first tattoos that cover half their arms! But many of us who want to get inked, prefer an easy tattoo to start out with.

Here are some excellent options for easy first tattoos:

1. Stars. star tattoosA star tattoo is a great simple choice for a first tattoo. Stars represent many different things and are not limited to any one particular "group". Star designs have been worn by men, women, military, punk rockers, athletes, and everyday individuals from all walks of life. They are simple, straightforward, and have many different options for designs.

2. Simple Ink. Simple ink refers to any design which is very basic in structure, only a few celtic tattooadjoining lines forming some type of basic design. These can actually look very good and unique in their simplicity, while being perfect for the first time tattoo wearer.

3. Initials. D initials tattooThis is a good option for those interested in getting a name tattooed but are worried about having too much skin covered and the potential complexity of a longer name. Initials are simple, small and straight forward. And they don't have to look bland either. You can add uniqueness to initials by choosing a certain font or style.

4. Rose. best rose tattooThe classic rose tattoo will never die! A simple rose is great ink for a first timer. It can be made very small or larger depending on your taste. Representation is broad, and your rose tattoo can always be added with more ink later (a name underneath, another rose, vines, etc.)

5. Insects. tattoo ink ideasInsects? Really? Yes! Insects are small and can work great for tattoo designs. Think ladybugs, butterflies, and even spiders. Insects can be a cool, unique and simple enough design for a first timer.

By Chess McDoogle

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